Our Inspiration

Allah says,
“O believers save yourselves and your families from the fire of hell.”
“I did not create man and jinn except that they worship me.” (Al Quran)

We have chosen to live in a diverse, western society. With this there are many benefits however there are also cultures, beliefs, ideologies, systems and lifestyles that can sometimes be confusing for Muslim children. It is the responsibility of parents to equip their children with the skills to practice their religion and at the same time develop an understanding of how to live harmoniously in a diverse society.

This is why we believe Crystal Gardens Primary School and institutions
of this nature are the solution. The school was established with all this in
mind, to enable Muslim children to fulfil their obligation towards their
Creator, parents and the society they live in making them good law abiding
citizens, who we hope will become positive role models and actively
contribute to the wider community.

Crystal Gardens offers a high standard of education in an Islamic
environment thus sowing the seeds for paradise. The knowledge your
children will gain will help them to reap the benefits and at the same time
protect them. The Islamic environment and teachings work to preserve our
children’s identity and culture, instilling in them a feeling of pride in being
good Muslim children.

School Policies.

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